Passionate about filmmaking and dedicated to the art of storytelling, Troy Smith
has devoted his life to cinematography.
After finishing film school at NYU, Troy returned to his hometown of Seattle. Still
in his 20s, he started his DP career with a bang, shooting iconic music videos that
helped define the Grunge era of music. His early work includes videos from Pearl
Jam, Alice in Chains, Candlebox,Sound Garden, and Nirvana.
Moving to LA he quickly made a name for himself in the high-end music video
world. He lensed more than 400 over the course of his career for artists including
Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Eyrkah Badu, Celine Dion, Ice Cube, Beastie Boys,
Destiny’s Child (Beyonce), Snoop, Diddy, Rob Zombie, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Rage
Against the Machine, and Bon Jovi to name just a few. His cinematography is
featured in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. With more than a billion views (and
counting) on the internet, his work has made a lasting impact around the globe.

He soon added commercials (Mattel, Disney, Sunny D, Bridgestone, Sony, et al.)
and feature films to his repertoire. He DPed the films Shiloh Season (Ann Dowd,
Scott Wilson), Blast (Ed Lauter, Denis Arnet), Ascension Day (Peter Dinklage,
Anthony Mackie), Role of a Lifetime (Scott Bakula, Kathryn Morris), and Mega
Python Vs. Gatoriod (Tiffany, Debbie Gibson).
In television Troy is currently shooting Season 3 of Liza on Demand (Liza Koshy),
one of YouTube Premium’s highest rated original shows.
He just wrapped his second season of the standout comedy, Mixed-ish (Mark
Paul Gosselaar, Tika Sumpter) for ABC.
He served as DP for BBC’s Top Gear America (William Fichtner), shooting
automotive short films across North America. His credits also include 2nd unit
DP for Grown-ish (Freefrom), Sweet Vicious (MTV), and The Bridge (FX).
For 30 years Troy has continued striving to advance his craft, deepening his
passion for cinema with each and every opportunity that presents itself.